Error (2SP02) "2SP02:current transaction is aborted. commands ignored until end of transaction block" while trying to update packages from SourceTree in SalesTeam Creatio with PostGreSQL

Hi Team,


We are working in SalesTeam Creatio with PostGreSQL on file development mode and collaborating with GIT via SourceTree. While trying to "update packages from file system", I am getting the error  -

Error "2SP02:current transaction is aborted. commands ignored until end of transaction block" 

and I am unable to work in the instance any further. Tried executing "commit" in the DB but it did not solve the issue. Kindly help us resolve the issue.


Screenshot attached. 

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Hello Dharini,


Hope you're doing well.


Please make sure that your development procedure is organized correctly. For that you can check the next articles: 

Also, we suggest to check this Marketplace application. It can help you to generate packages from the file system.


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Roman Rak,

The local instance/development environment was working perfectly fine until one fine day it started throwing the error,

Error "2SP02:current transaction is aborted. commands ignored until end of transaction block" stated in my question.

I would like to understand the reason why the environment suddenly threw the error and if there are any exceptions that occurred in DB during development as we are working in Postgre SQL.


Request further assistance in resolving the issue.





Hello Dharini,


We have re-checked the error notification you have mentioned and didn't find similar cases related to the using of the Creatio application specifically. At the same time, we have looked for this error '25P02: current transaction is aborted, commands ignored until end of transaction block' and found out that it appears pretty frequently for PostgreSQL users. In general the solution is to use savepoints, but you can find more information in articles below:

I hope these links will be helpful for resolving your request.


Best regards,


Having same issue. Unable to update from file system.

had the same issue, problem is that update from file system is deleting a schema with id = 1, but not deleting schema with parentId = 1. you can delete temporary contrain in sysschema to update from sile system and thne when trying to recreate you will find the schema and will be able to react to fix this and recreate constraint

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