Email or SMS activity reminders

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Activity reminders are nice but they are only system notifications. I would like to send email or SMS messages as reminders for certain activity types as well... But I cannot find a signal I can use to trigger the process to send the email... Has anyone set up something like this?

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Juan Carlos

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Dear Juan, 

You can do with the process setting the starting signal on the creation or modification of the activity in fields "Remind owner on" or "Remind author on" and one of those fields filled in. After that in formula you can calculate the amount of seconds between current date and time and needed one and pass this amount in the Wait for timer event. After the timer counts the needed time you can send a letter (or send SMS) pulling the information from the Activity records if needed/  
Formula to calculate needed amount of seconds: 
([#Read data 1.First item of resulting collection.Remind owner on#].Subtract([#System variable.Current Time and Date#])).TotalSeconds

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