Duplication check in details

Hi Community,

I have a requirement that in details once you created a record with a record number(for Ex:-800009),  you can't create another record with same record number. I have to restrict the duplicate creation of record number.

Can anyone help me to achieve this?


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Hello Jagan,


Unfortunately, at the moment, deduplication functionality can only be used for the main columns of the object, i.e. You cannot set up rules for searching for duplicates for details.


Details pull information from another section. It is necessary to search and merge duplicates in the section itself. 

We have already registered the idea for our R&D team to implement this functionality in further releases. I will assign your case to this project in order to increase its priority.


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Hi Bogdan,

Can I get the script code for How to achieve the deduplication functionality for the  main columns of the object?



Jagan Nayak,




Unfortunately, as of now we do not have any ready to use examples of such implementation done by code. 


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