Dependency rights on a order

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Could anyone clarify, do user's access rights depend on the order in which organizational roles are added on the detail of the user's form? I mean is it important if I add organizational roles for one user in the order



Role 3

and for another user in the order 

Role 2

Role 1

Role 3


And give them the same functional role (only one)?


I'm asking because now those two users can see different amount of the records of the same object and the only difference in their rights is that order.

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Please note that order of organizational roles in the details does not affect anything. So do not pay attention to it.

In case users see different amount of the records, please recheck object permissions and make sure that they are granted for both users.


Please use the Prefix for object name (SchemaNamePrefix) system setting to set up the schema prefix:…

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