Default the page type of a new record adding through a detail


I have a detail into the Activity section in a page in a custom section. I modified the detail to be an editable list by using the method described in the documentation in the Academy. I want to default the Activity type to a new type I created called "Review", see screenshot. The result needed is to have the user click the "+" sign in the detail, a new row is created below of type "Review", and they can start filling in the fields in the editable list. 


Also, a second thing, is there a way to have the text wrap in the editable list like it does for a normal detail. If the text in a field is too long, it is cut off. Can I make it so it wraps down and makes the row taller?

Thank you very much. 

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Hello Reid,

The easiest way to achieve this target is to specify "Review" to be an activity type by default (in advanced settings of Activity object This will make all activities created in the application to have the type field being filled in with the value of "Review".

The second way to achieve a target is to create a process that will be triggered upon record adding into this detail and this process will set the value of "Review" for "Activity type" field. So once the record is added and user opens this record as an editable list - he will see needed activity type.

The third variant requires development skills. The method used upon record adding by clicking on "+" sighn is called addRecord. You can create a replacing schema for "ActivityDetailV2" object and specify your own addRecord method that will use ConfigurationConstant for activity type.

And as per your second question - you can set this string field as "Multi-line text" type field and as a result it will be displayed in several rows.

Best regards,


Oscar Dylan,

Hello Oscar,

Thank you so much for the response. Yes I am able to do either of the first two options, but the third option is, of course, preferred to make it less confusing for the user. I've tried to figure that out but I think it is beyond our skill at the moment. Need to keep learning. 

As for the multi-line text, it seems that only works in normal fields or details. But if the detail has been modified to be an editable list, it does not wrap the text into multiple lines anymore, even with the multi-line text bool checked. 

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