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I am trying to make uneditable the Customer column from Opportunity object based on the stages of the opportunity (dcm bar). My only issue is that I cannot find that column, in section wizard I find it as a script object - I am not sure how to work with that.

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Hi Nicolaiciuc Maria,

You can find this MultiLookup column implementation in the "BaseOpportunityPage" schema.


"Client": {
	"caption": {"bindTo": "Resources.Strings.Client"},
	"dataValueType": this.Terrasoft.DataValueType.LOOKUP,
	"multiLookupColumns": ["Contact", "Account"],
	"isRequired": true


    "operation": "insert",
    "parentName": "ProfileContainer",
    "propertyName": "items",
    "name": "OpportunityClient",
    "values": {
        "bindTo": "Client",
        "layout": {
            "column": 0,
            "row": 1,
            "colSpan": 24
        "tip": {
            "content": {
                "bindTo": "Resources.Strings.ClientTip"
        "controlWrapConfig": {
            "classes": {
                "wrapClassName": [
        "controlConfig": {
            "enableLeftIcon": true,
            "leftIconConfig": {
                "bindTo": "getMultiLookupIconConfig"
    "alias": {
        "name": "Client",
        "excludeProperties": [
        "excludeOperations": [


Please feel free to modify the below attribute in your "OpportunityPageV2" schema.

"Client": {
        "caption": {"bindTo": "Resources.Strings.Client"},
        "dataValueType": this.Terrasoft.DataValueType.LOOKUP,
        "multiLookupColumns": ["Contact", "Account"],
        "isRequired": true,
        "Enabled" : {"bindTo": setEnabled} 

Add below in the Methods section of your "OpportunityPageV2" schema.

setEnabled : function(){
    //Your custom logic
    return true or false

Bhoobalan Palanivelu.

Bhoobalan Palanivelu,

Hello, and thank you for your help. I added the column in the attributes part of the schema and the function in the methods part. Unfortunately, in the console I get an error saying that my function is not defined. What should I look on further?

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