Custom Sections in Global Search Results

Hello, is it possible to have the global search include records from custom sections I've created? It appears to only search ootb sections. 

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You can try enabling the indexing for full text search option in section wizard.…

Can that only be done upon initial setup? I set this custom section up a year ago and now if I go to the section wizard I don't see that option.


Dear Mitch, 

Can you please check SysModule table and make sure that for this section value of "GlobalSearchAvailable" column is set to 1? 

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Roman Brown,

 It was not set to 1, I updated the column so it was now 1. But still, this section does not show up in the global search.

Dear Mitch, 

Please contact our support team at with a short description of the issue or simply provide a link to this post so we could help you with it. 

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Will this work for detail columns also ?

Dear Shailey, 

Can you please provide more details on your question?

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same questions:


1. Custom section is set up as indexing for full-text search but I dont see in a result window.

2. Enabling section for fulltext search: would it find the details records aswell. For example if I search for product name, it find me all orders where that product in placed. Will it work for custom section as well with products detail?

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