Custom attachment detail inside a detail

Hello team,


I have a detail call "Proof" in which I need to add custom attachment detail called "UsrProofAttachments".


Here are the steps I followed

1. Created an object with Parent Object as "File". Added lookup column that refers to "Proof" detail.

2. Created a detail through the wizard and configured the detail

3. Changed the parent of "UsrProofAttachments" to FileDetailV2.

Here is how my UI looks


The error I get in console is the following


{message: 'Column by path UsrProofAttachments not found in schema UsrProofAttachments.'}


I have seen a similar post but I am not able to find an answer.…

Help would be much appreciated!


Edit : I added the CSS and the UI looks good. But the error is still there

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Hi Shivani,


Thank you for your question!


Regarding the mentioned error in the console, it indicates that the column was either removed from the corresponding object or renamed. We do not recommend deleting any fields, columns or objects as it may lead to unpredictable issues. If some fields are not needed anymore, you can simply change their usage mode to "none". It's hard to identify which column exactly was removed/renamed without accessing the website. Please, contact us at We will check the configuration and will try to find out the reason for this issue.


Best regards,


Anastasiia Lazurenko,


I got the attachment detail working. I noticed if you name the attachment detail as <SectionName>File it works eg : CustomFile for section named Custom, UsrProofFile for section named UsrProof

Shivani Lakshman,

Hi Shivani, I have a quite similar request as yours. I need to customize the default attachment detail of Order page by adding a lookup field into the attachment detail page.


Since the Order's attachment has its own object OrderFile, I created a replacing object of OrderFile and added a new lookup column, say UsrAttachmentType, in the OrderFile object. Then I used this new OrderFile to create a detail through detail wizard and put Name, Description, and UsrAttachmentType columns in the detail page. Then I changed the parent object of the detail with FileDetailV2 and saved the detail.


After the above steps, I could use the new attachment detail to upload files as original attachment detail; but when I double click the attachment record in the detail list, it opened with the old attachment detail page with only Name and Description fields, not the new detail page I setup as above, with additional lookup field UsrAttachmentType.


Please advise what I shuld do? Thank you!



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