Current location and completion time in mobile application


I am working with the mobile application and specifically in the Activity section.

In this, I have configured the Actions-Visit Detail in the mobile app, but when I check the check-in/check-out in mobile application, the completion time is not getting updated in the detail in the web application for the record.


I also want to update the current location of mobile in the web application.

Please guide me on how to get this geolocation working.

I have also attached the screenshot of that detail.



Hoping for an early reply.

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Dear Malay,


Thank you for your question!


Could you please check if the mobile device has the "Geolocation" turned on and if the synchronization is fine in the Mobile Application before proceeding?


We recommend synchronizing the Mobile Application more often to update the results.


Please note that in order to display the additional check-in results and show the columns in the detail list, you may add the [Check-in and check-out performance result] detail object to the page through the section wizard.


Please be advised that if the GPS coordinates of the sales rep and the visited account are in the verification range, the check-in will be verified and the status of the visit will be changed to “In progress”. 


You may use this Academy Article for your reference:…


Hope this helps!


In case you have any additional questions please do not hesitate to contact the support team!





Danyil Onoprienko,


Thank you for your response!


The GPS is turned on in the mobile and permission for location is also allowed.

Also, when I select check-in, the time and location is not getting updated in the system.

I have attached the screenshot of the  page here:


Dear Malay,


Thank you for your patience!


Please be advised that in order for the information in the 'Actions -Visit' and in the 'Check-in and Check-out results' to appear it would be required for the user in the Mobile Application to click the 'Check-in' option as in the screenshot below and click 'Synchronize now' in the settings:


The result would be as in the screenshot below:



If the synchronizing the Mobile Application won`t help, please try Updating the DB structre for All items in the Configuration settings, Generating the Source code for all and then Recompiling the system and checking the Action - Visit detail behavior once again.


Thank you!




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