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As Creatio partners, is there a way of managing a multitenant installation of Creatio? Basically, we are looking at a case where we would like to spin up a cloud instance of Creatio containing our common implemented package for every new customer and manage all instances through an administration portal. Is this possible? What are the licensing implications, if any?


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It will be easier to deploy such schema on the on-site application since you can control the environment and create as many copies of existing application as you need to. Other solution would be to use SVN or packages to transfer changes. The task as you described it can also be implemented via Marketplace addons like Field Sales. 


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Thank you for your response, Angela! This is in the context of cloud. Is there an admin portal for the partner to manage an implementation-specific image (containing all creatio technical components) that can be provisioned for all customers by the click of a button and also manage all such configured instances? In such a setting, how does marketplace licensing for plugins work? Is it on a per-instance model or a base package model?  


Such an option is not available for cloud - for security purposes, we manage our servers only internally and do not provide access to it for partners. As for the marketplace licensing - please check this article:…


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