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Please advise, I'm currently working with boolean type fields in Creatio process, after auto generated page (survey) and update of request object I need to sum chosen fields ( type: integer ) in function all my fields are read as false value. (([#RP2.First item of resulting collection.Field Sales#] == true ? 2 : 1)   False :1 is calculated. How and where I can change it?






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Hello Patrycja,


Let me confirm the understanding of the situation you're trying to resolve. From what you have described, you need to define value 2 or 1 based on what has been chosen on the auto-generated page. If YES was selected, you need to define 2 as a value, in case of NO - 1 should be set.

I see that you are reading some data (e.g. RP2.First item of resulting collection.Field Sales) and based on this defining the values 2 or 1. If you need to define the values based on the auto-generated page selection, you can avoid reading data and directly define the values based on the selection on auto-generated page.

Could you please provide some screenshots of how this part of the business process is set up? Mainly elements after the auto-generated page.


Best regards,


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