Creatio in docker

Hi community,

I would like to know if anyone has configured their development environment using a docker container.

I would like to speed up the configuration of a new development environment on a local laptop.

I can create a docker image and use clio to customize it as I want.

My concern is with the process of updating an environment contained in a docker image.

During the development phase a developer need to insert some sample data for testing, so when I upgrade the environment to a new version of creatio I would like to keep this data.


Any suggestions are appreciate

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Hi, you have two options for keeping data. First - configure your dev environment with persistent volume. In this case, you need to complete and follow the update procedure. But this is a long way. Alternate options (recommended) - save your development data in your packages. You can use a separate package for it. Deploy a clean new Creatio version and install your functional and test data packages on it.  This procedure provides flex scenarios, for example, a fast recovery development environment, easy deployment of new instances of the current version, and an easy way to try a new version without changing your actual environment. 

thank you!

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