Is Creatio Compliant with Canadian Anti-Spam Law?


Is Creatio Compliant with the Canadian Anti-Spam Law and can anybody point me towards any form of documentation?

Thank you!

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Hello Vishal, 

Creatio company processes are aligned with Canadian Anti-Spam Legislation and Creaito complies with the legislation's requirements.

Best regards,
Orkhan Gojaev



Thank you for your response! Also can you please let me know how I can track a contact's 'Opt-In'  Consent (To receive email communication) via OOTB means ?

Hello Vishal,


Could you please clarify what is meant by the word "Opt-In"?

Best regards,
Orkhan Gojaev

Hi Orkhan,

This is a very important word to handle private / sensitive client data - needed for . Client authorisation to handle their data.

Hi Orkhan, An Opt-In is basically a clients Express or Implied Consent received through some way shape or form that conveys that they are willing to receive further electronic communication from you (For example- newsletters and promotional emails from an organization).

Now for a parent organization that has 4 or 5 brands, they might 4 or 5 corresponding websites and it is important for the organization to know which brand's newsletters somebody has subscribed to. For example if they've subscribed to Brand 'A's' newsletters, they cannot received newsletters about Brand 'B'. My understanding is that this is not available as a feature today and that it will have to built custom. Can you please confirm?

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