Creatio Certified Developer needed

Hello colleagues,


I'm looking for a certified Creatio developer who can help us develop a Creatio addon to provide specific functionality to the Bulk/Trigger email template editor (mainly the ability to insert a photo taken from a provided URL into a field in some detail connected to the contact to whom the email will be delivered and enable that when clicking on the image, it is redirected to a URL provided in another field of this detail...).


This is a necessary requirement of a potential client of ours, with this solved (knowing that it is possible to solve it, how much it costs and the time it takes), we can win this client ?


Please could someone help us or know who can?


You can write to me at to share details or write me a WhatsApp at +34 623 17 46 59


I am available in the CET time zone, so I live in Spain


Thanks in advance

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