Creatio add-on to export data from Excel spreadsheets - "Upload template" stopped working on 7.18.1

Hi team,

I'm using this app for generating Excel reports, but since recent update to 7.18.1. "Upload template"  function stopped working. When I click on the button and select an Excel with formatting as a template nothing happens.

Could you please check it fo me?

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Hi Alex,


I have uploaded the report template to the trial version of Creatio 7.18.1 successfully. We recommend installing the up-to-date package from Creatio Marketplace and checking the updates.

Hi Ivan,

thank you for your reply. I'm sure we have up-to-date version of the app, because on the marketplace it says "Date last updated: 27.10.2020" and we installed it after this date. 

I've also tried to install the latest version from the marketplace to the instance on 7.18.1 where I have the issue and it has not helped to solve it. 

This is what I see in JS console when I try to upload a template

Any suggestions?

Kind regards,


Hi Alex,


The responsible team fixed the issue in March 2021 and published the updated package in April 2021.


After the latest version is installed, please make sure that the Date last updated in the [Installed applications] section is '15/04/2021'. In addition, we recommend that you log out and log back into the Creatio application to apply the changes.

Have you uploaded a new version to the marketplace today?

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