Creatio 7.17 Replacing client module

I am unable to get the "replacing view model" option to work on 7.17 on the trial cloud with the most basic of custom cases. I am assuming that "replacing view model" on 7.17 replaces "replacing client module" on earlier versions. Please validate. Am I missing a step here? Any help here would be greatly appreciated.


Thanks in advance...

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Dear Amanthen,


You are correct. The titles are a bit changed in the new interface but it is the same as old "replacing client module".




Dean Parrett,

Thanks for confirming Dean!


The problem is I am unable to get the replacing module logic to work on 7.17. The same logic seems to be working fine on 7.16. 


I have created a new trial instance and am creating a single replacing client module overriding the parent "communication panel schema" of "UiV2" package. Below is the custom code I have written, but it doesn't seem to work on 7.17. Am I missing a step here?


define("CommunicationPanel", [],
function() {
	return {
            methods: {
              init: function() {   


Hi Amanthena,


The latest update interface is available as the trial version for beta-testing only and may include some inaccuracy. Thank you for reporting! The issue is already fixed in the coming release. 


However, there is a workaround for replacing client module schema; please follow the previous configuration address to make the changes you need:





Anastasiia Markina,

Thank you Anastasiia!

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