Creating folder programatically

Hi team,


I am trying to create dynamic folder programmatically (from client side code), 

Below is the code I tried where I am able to create record in ObjectFolder table but the folder is not visible on the frontend (UI), the reason what I think could be that I am using direct Insert.


When the above solution doesn't worked for me I tried calling "saveLookupFolder" method inside FolderManagerViewModel. Below is the code for it.

Following is the "saveLookupFolder" method inside FolderManagerViewModel.


It's giving me this error : 

In my usecase I have to create a record inside ObjectFolder table with two parameters which are "SearchData" (folder filter Value) and "Name" (folderName). But I don't know If I am using the right base function (saveLookupFolder) for this purpose, but I also think that direct insert will provide no help to me.

Someone please help in this case. What base function to call and how to call?


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