Create a dynamic homepage to get childs objects results

Dear mates,

Here is two weeks i m looking for building a dynamic homepage for a custom section.


I created a marketing section which has a child object (a detail) for the emailing channel.

I would like to display on my homepage, a select from the emailing detail which, once selected, displays the list of opportunities and orders linked to the detail. On order and opportunity objects, a lookup has been added containing the id of the emailing detail.


Desired Form:


is it possible to achieve this with the no code tools of Creatio ?

if yes, which home page should I select to be able to build this type of report ?


Thank you in advance !




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Hello Nicolas!


Please try setting up a business rule to show or hide page elements under specific conditions.

You can find more information on how to set up business rules in the Freedom UI pages in this article on the Creatio Academy:…


Best regards,


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