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I need to display existing documents from other sections together with the directly attached documents in FreedomUI 8.1.


The attachments are stored in the table "SysFile", which has a column called "TypeId". That lookup has the values "File" (default), "Link" and "Link to object".


I have tried to tinker around with the database of my on-premise dev environment. While I could manage to display inserted documents of type "Link", they won't open because the SysFile-table has no columns for referencing other documents.


There is also a table called "FileLink", which looks promising because it has the columns "FileSchemaName", "FileRecordId", "RecordSchemaName", "RecordId". That would be enough to link existing documents to various records, but the don't show up in the FreedomUi AttachmentList component.


Did anyone already manage to do this without duplicating documents?


Any help is much appreciated, thanks!


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Hi Robert!


Unfortunately, displaying the various sections' attachments together in one attachment component is impossible. However, you can use a separate attachment component for each section.


To implement this, we recommend the following steps:

1.  Open the Page Designer.

2.  For each section that you would like to display the attachments from:

- add the dropdown field, specifying this section as “Lookup” in the field’s general settings (or make sure that such a dropdown field already exists);

- add the attachment component.

3. In each added attachment component, set “Record to attach files” (general settings) to a value from the previously added dropdown field and “File storage location” (advanced settings) to the corresponding table.


After you choose the exact records in the dropdown fields, they will be linked to the current record, and you will see their attachments in the corresponding components. It will help you to avoid duplicating documents.


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