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Hi Team, 


I have an embedded detail in a mobile page, some times for network issue the file is uploaded with 0kb. There is any way to check of the size is more than 0 at the moment of save the attachment? I see there is a size column but always is null at the moment of add the image.

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Dear Federico, 


This issue can happen if a user works in a mobile application in an online mode while their connection is not stable. 
We will inform our R&D team to consider the possibility of creating warnings in cases like that. 

Meanwhile, it would be better for those users who are working from mobile with a bad connection to stay in an offline mode and sync their apps when the connection gets better. 


Kind regards,


Mira Dmitruk,

There is a way to push automatic the connection once the connection is better? Or pop up to the user a menssage to Sync?

Federico Buffa,


Unfortunately, it is not something we can do. Users can only go from offline to online and back manually and they should decide a better way to work at the moment themselves.

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