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Hi I'm new to creatio, I have a process associated with a button where I want to fill in the value of a text field based on previously selected options. The button works fine but for the value to be reflected in the field I have to update the screen. Is there a way to fill this value without having to refresh the screen ?

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Hi Carlos, you need to enable live update on the object:

Franck Lehmann,

Hi Franck, thanks for your help. I made the changes you indicated but the field is not updated in real time, I was reading other articles and it seems that it is a concurrent problem... I'll try another way but again thanks for your help

The "live data update" option only works for Freedom UI pages (and assumes the record you updated in the process is the same record you're currently viewing). 

If this is a classic UI page the only option is to create code to send/receive the message from the process to the UI and perform the refresh. See


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