change detail columns captions based on a specific condition

I've seen this post,

Is it possible to use the same logic to change the detail columns captions too (depending on the page) ?

(binding the detail column caption to a property works when I open a detail row for edition, but we need it to happen when the detail is shown on the object edit page)

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Hi Ricardo,


The logic that forms the name of the columns in the Grid is stored in the SysPorfileData table and the actual ObjectData column value is formed using base addProfileColumns method (that is a part of Profile that consists of tiledConfig (config for tiled columns display) and listedConfig (listed columns display config)). Modifying the base logic will be hard (either overriding addProfileColumns and modifying configs or creating a trigger on the database level that will update the SysPorfileData table for the detail grid setup). We don't recommend modifying the logic and recommend using multiple edit pages and setup detail column names separately in different pages.


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