Can be perform calculation on Dashboard Widgets

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I need to perform some calculations based on data in the dashboard we did some implementation in the pivot table. we are able to get sum 2 fields based on all filter but further using that calculation to display the ratio of that 2 calculation is where I am stuck.


I am using…

To come up with some approach but didn't succeed anyone please suggest a solution to this requirement

Any workaround will be appreciated



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Hello Braj,


Can you please provide more information on what task do you want to cover? We need some practical examples to think about the solution.


Also have you tried to use this marketplace addon and does it fit your business task?


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Hi Oscar ,


we need to calculate loss ratio from some data sets 


ex. we have 100 records out of which 70 has profit field filled and 30 has loss field filled .

Based on filtration we performed on dashboard/pivot report we gets  records (N can be  10,20,30 or any number 


Now I want an loss ratio (loss/profit) of those N records only .

innthis case loss ratio = sum of loss from filtered records /sum of profits from filtered records


Hope you got the requirement if case any query please contact.


Thank You

Braj Raj singh Kushwaha,




Unfortunately it's not quite clear what task do you want to achieve. Can you please add some screenshots of what is the desired result? Also can you please specify why the formula column type is not an option in our case?


Thank you in advance!


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