Calendar Synchronization Period: only three available settings

In Calendar Synchronization settings it's now possible only to set the Synchronization period to 1 month, 1 week or 2 weeks:

How is it possible to synchronize the calendar for a wider period (for example 6 months)?


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Hello Massimiliano,

Unfortunately, 1 month is the maximum period that can be selected. Selecting a longer period affects mailbox synchronization performance, which is why we do not have such an option for synchronization.

Also, according to our usage statistics, old emails (more than 1-month-old) mostly have no business value, so we don't sync them. 

As a workaround, you can either re-forward them to the mailbox and synchronize your mailbox or create an excel file and import the related data to emails using file import.

However, we have already registered the idea for our R&D team to review this logic in future releases.

Mira Dmitruk,

We are using the Creatio calendar sync, but we are not getting notifications for meetings created more than 1 month in the future. Can you please increase the amount of time that the calendar syncs to the future?

Esther M,

Unfortunately, you can select no more than 1 month of synchronization, and it is not possible to increase this period. At the moment, we also have no workarounds to increase the given limit. 

However, a task has already been registered in our R&D team to consider and implement such a feature in future releases. 

Best regards,

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