Bug in OmniChatGPTConnector

Hello, I'm having a problem tagging records, Creatio support indicates it it produced by OmniChatGPTConnector.


Please see the Support indications


Hello Julio,
Our investigation has revealed that the root cause of the problem lies in the modification of the style for the "ts-modalbox" element within the "OmniChatGPTPanelCSS" scheme of the "OmniChatGPTConnector" package. The alteration of this style is causing the tag window to open is not full.
Our recommendation is to remove this modified style, as it appears to be causing the issue. However, we understand that this modification may have been made for specific purposes that we might not be aware of. With that in mind, we strongly advise you to reach out to the developers responsible for this customization.
They can provide insights into the purpose of the style modification and determine how to address the issue holistically.
Additionally, we have passed the information to your manager by adding her to the thread.


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As this is an addon developed by third-party developers, we recommend that you contact them directly at support@creomate.com for further assistance with this matter.


Best regards,


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