Bug: MultpleChoice field clears out on save if you have another MultiChoice field on the page and it is edited.

Hello All, 

We noticed a bug in the add-on MultiChoice. The process to replicate the issue is the following:

  1. Configure two MultiChoice fields on a page.
  2. Edit one of the MultiChoice fields, but not both.
  3. Save the record
  4. After the record is saved, the MultiChoice field that was not edited now has the values cleared out.

We found that if you refresh the page, the values appear again. Has anyone else experienced this issue? Or has anyone found a workaround to prevent the field from clearing out on save?


Thank you!


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Hi Chris,

I've experienced this same issue. There's problems if you have two of these on the same page - I started looking into workarounds, but ended up switching to just standard details and made them look more similar to the MultiChoice layout (see https://customerfx.com/article/changing-a-detail-grid-to-a-horizontal-l…) instead so never found a resolution. 

Just wanted to mention so you know it's not just you or something you did. Wish I had a workaround to provide :( 


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