Broken Activity participant editable list in Activity Section

Hello Creatio Community,

I have made the Activity participant detail (Activites section) as an editable list.

When I add a new record and click on the added row ( the active row doesnt behave normally) as editable lists in other sections. I think is probably sort of bug of the system, because i have tried in fresh installations and the same thing happens.


I overcome this by refreshing the page so that the added row behaves normaly.

I manage to refresh the page by sending a message from a business process to the Front-End and subscribe to the message. But i refresh the whole Activity (entity), i want to refresh only the Participant detail.

This snippet is implemented in ActivityPageV2

			init: function() {
				// register our onProcessMessageReceived function to get messages from the server
				Terrasoft.ServerChannel.on(Terrasoft.EventName.ON_MESSAGE, this.onProcessMessageReceived, this);
			onProcessMessageReceived: function(scope, message) {
				var sender = message && message.Header.Sender;
					if (sender === "RefreshDetailActivityParticipantFromBP") { //"SMRefreshPaged"

How can i manage to refresh only the Participant detail list?

I have tried also this.reloadGridData() and this.updateDetail({reloadAll: true}); without success.

Like 0



this.reloadGridData()  is not defined in the ActivityPageV2. (console)

I think that the proper solution involves using the this.reloadGridData()  method ? Should i just add the :

mixins: {
			GridUtilities: "Terrasoft.GridUtilities"

in the ActivityPageV2 ?

Any updates on this Creatio team ?

Sasori Oshigaki,

this.updateDetail({ detail: "NameOfDetail" });

You can find the "NameOfDetail" value to use by looking at the details section of the page code for your detail (it's not the name of the detail schema, but the name or Id it gave it when it added it to the page). The reloadGridData function only works from within the detail schema code itself. 


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