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How can I break the connection between Contacts and Accounts? For example, I create a new contact "andreia" then choose an account that "andreia" does not belong to the contact, the contact disappears but I don't want that. I want to cut this connection, it is possible?


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Hello Andreia,


Thank you for your question!


Could you please elaborate more on yout business task? If a contact does not belong to the account, it's normal behaviour that they are not compatible together.


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Hi Anatasiia,


What I need to do, if possible, is the following:
1. I have these two fields, ("Account" and "Contact") in the Case section



2. First fill in the "Account", then my question is, if it is possible to create a new contact, here on this page, that is not yet associated with this account, but when creating, associate the contact with this account.


My question is whether this is possible.

I hope you can understand!


Thank you.


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Hello Andreia,


Thank you for your clarification!

If I understood your question correctly - unfortunately, you are not yet able to create new contacts through the case section without summoning any other additional fields.


Although, you are able to create a new contact by filling out the mini page that appears after you click on "new contact" button:

After which the mini page will appear where you can add the needed account:


I will create a request for our R&D team so they will develop the desired functionality in future releases. 

Hope it helps! 


Thank you, 


Thank you for the help Artem,


Best regards,


Hi Artem,


But in relation to my first question "How can I break the connection between Contacts and Accounts?" how can I do that? 


Thank you.


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I would like to do this as well. We have Different Account types that we use for Vendors on Projects.   If I add an account lookup and filter by the type, the Contact gets removed when I hit Save. I need to be able to add accounts where the contact is not associated with it.  Is this possible?

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