Bigger font for name in list of record displayed in section.

How can I get bigger font for name in custom section.

Here is the pic of Contact section (in-buily) with Name shown in big fonts in tile view.

Now I have built my custom Contact section but with few changes. It is not replaced or inherited with actual Contact section.

Now in the section after removing caption of the field the font size of name is still small.


How can I get bigger font like in in-built/out of the box contact Section.

I want to apply it to other sections also. So there is no point to use out of the box Contact section by replacing object which already has big fonts.

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Hi Ramnath.


You can change the font size by adding a custom css style to the schema you need and in such a way override the system font-size. Please refer to this article on our community:

I recommend you change a font-size first for any page in the system to check if it looks fine as we do not guarantee that all objects, labels, and containers will be displayed correctly. 

Thank you.

Bohdan Zdor,


I have tried this before but I could only make it work on the page of arecord. I need to edit the page where all the records are shown. I could not find the module which has the code for the list of records.






Unfortunately, there is no option to change the section list font size in the current version of the system. I have registered your suggestion, though. It was passed to our R&D team to be considered for further releases.


Thank you. 

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