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Hi Community!


I want to add the approval process to the attachments in the contact section, but I can't find a way to enable it. Is this possible somehow?

Thanks and BR,


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Hi Robert


We don't have practical examples of such implementation, but you can try to export the process as a file to attachments, that's seems to be the only way to achieve it. Probably it would be not much convenient to use, but there is no such out-of-the box option in the system.


Please share the result if you succeed cause it would be splendid tip for all of us!




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Bogdan L.

Bogdan Lesyk,

Hi Bogdan,


thanks for the answer, but I fear I don't really understand it :)

What process should I export and what is meant by "as a file to attachments"?




Robert Pordes,


I mean you can upload the usual file/business process file (*.BPMN), where will be the approval process you wanted to set up. 


And user who wants to perform any actions with attachment should open the "Approval file" with some logic you've made. 


This file will also be in attachments.


That's what I mean and hopefully it's more clear now :)






Bogdan L.



Bogdan Lesyk,

HI Bogdan,


thanks again for the clarification!

However, I simply want to activate the out of the box approval mechanism as it is used in other sections, like the documents.

It looks like this in the section wizard:

I know that Attachments are details, and therefore are not shown in section wizard but detail wizard.

I thought that there is maybe a trick to enable the approval for this detail.




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