Adding button to Search contacts and accounts page

Hello all,


I am working on modifying the Search contact and accounts page to add a cancel button to the top of the page so that the user can exit the page and properly terminate the business process that opens it.

However, I've added the script for inserting a button but it won't show up on the page. Here is my script below. Is there something I could be doing wrong?

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Dear Kevin,


Could you please provide us with the information about how this page was created and how this page is called in a business process?


If this page is a pre-configured page, so you can easily add a button using page wizard and bind the “click” attribute to the appropriate method through a development.


 Best regards,


Norton Lingard,

It is the "Search page - Contacts and Accoutns" page that is used in the Identify contact by incoming call process. 


It is called like a pre-configured page in the process but when I try to modify it, it only opens right to the schema code instead of opening the page wizard. 

Dear Kevin,


I created the replacing client module for the “SearchAccountAndContactPage” schema and added the following code:


define("SearchAccountAndContactPage", [], function(){

    return {

        entitySchemaName: "Case",

        methods: {

            onCloseContactButton: function() {

                // business logic;




        diff: [


                        "operation": "insert",

                        "parentName": "LeftContainer",

                        "propertyName": "items",

                        "name": "ClosePageButton",

                        "values": {

                            "itemType": this.Terrasoft.ViewItemType.BUTTON,

                            "caption": {"bindTo": "Resources.Strings.ClosePageButtonCaption"},

                            "click": {"bindTo": "onCloseContactButton"},

                            "style": "red"








As a result, the button has successfully appeared in the page. Please see the screenshot below:



Please check you entered the correct value for the “caption” property. Since if this property has the wrong value, the button won’t be visible in the page.


Best regards,


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