Added a custom filter to base schema but its functionality is too slow in section

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I added a custom date filter to the base schema so that the changes will be reflected in all sections.

Able to see the functionality but it takes minutes to reflect results.

This is the link I followed to apply the Date Filter and I made changes to the base section schema so changes must be visible in all sections all at once.

The filter is visible in all sections but functionality is really slow as it takes minutes to reflect the result.


Please help to optimize this solution or any other workaround to make it work faster.


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You need to take a look at the SELECT query that is sent to the database when specifying a filter using this custom filtration by dates and see the SELECT query text. Try adding indexes (see the "Adding indexes to the object" paragraph) for the StartDate column and also for other columns that are used in the ESQ:

Also try parsing queries themeselves using SQL-server profiler and add indexes to the columns that are mentioned in the WHERE and OrderBy clauses. Indexes should help in optimizing SQL-queries (since the problem is definitely in them).


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