Add video/gif content inside of email marketing

Hi community,


what would be the best way to add video content to an email?

Via an html block with a link?




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I typically add an image of the video that is clickable to open the entire video elsewhere (like YouTube, etc). In the email it looks like a video, but is really just a clickable/linked image.


Hi Luis, 

You can also try adding a GIF, but you need to be quite agressive on reducing the size in kb/mb of the GIF because, for the moment limited to 5mb emails. You simply add it as an image.

Although when talking to Elasticmail directly, I learned that the email limit on their side is 10mb. So the limiting factor is today is Creatio for some reason.


P.S. If anyone has a great tool that has an advanced algorithm capable of drastically reducing the mb footprint without reducing the quality of the GIF too much, please share ! 🙂

Thanks for the tips, I'll pass it on to the customer

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