Add new record with multiple section pages

In Service Creatio I configured multiple section pages depending on Case Category:I want to create two custom buttons to add new "IT" case and new "NPD" case but I don't know the URL I should navigate to the proper "add page".

I think the standard add case url is something like /0/Nui/ViewModule.aspx#CardModuleV2/CasePage/add

What URL should I use to open the "add page" for my two categories ("IT" and "NPD"), where I'll find the Category field already set, replicating the same behaviour of the "New" button (see picture below)?


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The logic of adding a record is behind the addRecord method from the BaseDataView module. The page opening is performed in the openCardInChain method that is called in the else condition of the addRecord method. The method is called when clicking the CombinedModeAddRecordButton or SeparateModeAddRecordButton. You need to call the same in your buttons and modify the logic of the addRecord method if needed.


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