Add-on 'Email approvals for Creatio' not working?

Dear community,


I have installed the add-on 'Email approvals for Creatio' from the marketplace, but cannot get this working.


Support has done the installation (setup anonymous service).


In the business process, there is an approval block followed by a user task. This is done as shown in the marketplace:

But in my case, the process is waiting for the approval and no email is sent:


The package dependency (as described in the installation instructions) is also done.


Any idea what can be the issue?


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Hi all, I have the same issue, help please


Hi Vincent,


I have found out that the guide is not accurate in this part. The responsible developer recommended adding approval using the 'Add data' element before the user task and adding a 'Wait for signal' element after that. Please find below the screenshot with an example. The add-on guide will be updated on Creatio Marketplace shortly.

Irina Lazorenko,

Thank you for the screenshot. Could you share what you wrote in the "Mailbox is not empty" arrow? We're getting the following error:

"Column by path VisaOwner.Contact.Email not found"


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@Irina, could be better to document on more detail the proposed BPM , not just the diagram


Thanks in advance


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@Julio, @Irina,
More details would be fantastic :)
As I am facing similar error as Yosef ("Column by path VisaOwner.Contact.Email not found" from the user task), I would like to see which fields and values were used in the 'Create order approval' and 'Send email with approval' blocks.

Hi Yosef, Julio and Vincent,

The 'Mailbox is not empty' conditional flow uses the following condition: "[#Read sender mailbox.First item of resulting collection.Id#] != Guid.Empty".

For your convenience, we have added example process diagrams as screenshots to the app on Creatio Marketplace. You can find more details on the app page.

Dear Irina,


Thank you for the screenshot.

This still doesn't solve the issue that we're facing...  We don't know where the error is coming from:

"Column by path VisaOwner.Contact.Email not found". Please provide enough explanation as to why we're getting this or a solution.


I was wondering if you could give us a demo of a working example. This way I can compare what we're all doing wrong.



Kind regards,


Hello everyone,


We have added a step-by-step guide which can be found through the link.

As for the error you are encountering, you will need to check the macro source of your template. It should be filled with the approving object (for example, order approval, if you create approval for the order section)

Dears, even following the indications in the updated guide geting the error Terrasoft.Common.ItemNotFoundException: Column by path VisaOwner.Contact.Email not found in schema NdosGastos.


See it on


Yosef, Vincent did you resolve the issue?



and in my Case the VisaOwner.Contact.Email is ok, see it on


So I didn't understand what's wrong


Thanks in advance

Good morning, some news regarding this?


Good morning Julio,


Yes. The instructions provided by Yevhen are accurate and worked for us.

Make sure you contact support first to set up the instance before performing the changes in the guide.


Kind regards,


Irina Lazorenko,

Good Morning Irina,


As you had suggested have added a 'Wait for signal' element after send email for approval and in the wait for signal have added the condition to wait until the section approval stage is changed and then ending the process. 

The process also ends after the status is approval is changed but i am trying to change the status of the DCM as shown below post the process is completed but the DCM doesnt change by this way. If i add the stage change in the above process only then it works but not from the DCM.



Am i missing something in the DCM?


Thanks for the help in advance!




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