Import multilanguage lookup values from Excel

We need to import lookup values in more than a language from an Excel file.

We have an Excel with two columns: Name (italian) and Name (english).

When we import from Excel the Name column goes into the "current language" lookup name but we want to import the names in two different languages (both active in Creatio) without duplicating them.

How can it be done?

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Hi Massimiliano, 

You need to import values into two different objects. Let's take [Lookup] for example. 

When you import the values for the English culture, you can import directly into [ObjectName] (Lookup in our case) and can only have two columns: Id of the record and the actual Value. 

When you import the values for Italian Culture you need to import into Sys[ObjectName]Lcz ( SysLookupLcz in our case) and you need 3 columns: Id of the record - mapped to RecordId, CultureId and the Actual Value. 

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