How to concatenate a parameter into another parameter through formula?

Hi there, when I setup a business process, I have to get the value from an element parameter like [#Get base currency rate.XXX#] where XXX is the value stored in a system parameter, say [#Base currency#]. Any suggestion? Thank you in advance!

Please refer to the following figure.

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Hi Andrew,

Just an idea, you could possibly use a formula to get the value you're after. It would be a big series of ?: statements to ultimately put the value into a process parameter. For example: 

(BaseCurrency == "TWD" ? [#Get base currency rate.TWD#] : (BaseCurrency == "USD ? [#Get base currency rate.USD#] : get the idea))

If you're only going to be handling the 5 currencies you have in your screenshot, you could put each in it's own process param and then would be easier to work with for the formula or in a script task.


Ryan Farley,

Hi Ryan, thank you for your advise. Yes, your suggestion is a solution which I thought of previously. But I didn't find any "if then else" formula in the documentation from Creatio. Can you show me where to find this formula? Thank you very much!

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