Case is Closing automatically after resolved

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We are encountering this scenario in Creatio. If case is set to "Resolved" automatically it is moving to "Closed". Do you have any idea what are the system business process or system settings behind it. We wanted to disbale this functionality.

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Hello Fulgen,


Starting from 7.17.3 version of the main Application, you can disable this functionality with a help of "Automatically close resolved case" system setting:


Automatically close resolved cases (CloseResolvedCases) system setting— if enabled, Creatio will close resolved cases automatically after the evaluation waiting period specified in the “Number of waiting days to reevaluate resolved case” and “Number of waiting days after the second reminder of resolved case” system settings ends.

Type: boolean. Default value: “True.


Please find more detailed information about the mentioned system settings in the below article:…


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