8.0.6 new shell poor performance


Our cloud instance has been update to 8.0.6 this week.

We activated the new shell, but the performance is really poor (instance start is slow, page load is super slow). Anybody else experiencing degraded performance and thus user experience since 8.0.6 ?



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To investigate this behavior, we ask you to submit a request to our team via support@creatio.com or the Success Portal. 

We'll need to access the instance remotely in order to help.

Thank you for your cooperation!

Thanks Alla,

This is not isolated to our instance, but also the trial & demo environments, obviously not convincing neither my colleagues, my clients nor prospects.

Any tweak that can be done to improve performance (other than deactivating the shell ?) or do we need to wait for 8.1 series of updates for the new shell to have proper performance ?



Unfortunately I am receiving the same feedback from users. 

I think it is worse when mixing Freedom UI configured sections with classic sections/pages. 

Same here. We're leaving the new shell off for now.

I love the look of the new shell (it's beautiful). However, it does have much slower performance - along with difficulty to customize certain aspects of the shell that are implemented as angular components (or at least the lack of my own knowledge of how to do so).

According to the release notes for 8.0.7 it lists the following improvements coming:

  1. Freedom UI pages now load up to 70% faster. Freedom UI lists now load data significantly faster as well.
  2. You can now disable advanced visual effects of the Freedom UI shell by turning on the “Disable advanced visual effects” (“DisableAdvancedVisualEffects” code) system setting. Currently, the setting disables the blur in the semi-transparent “Glass effect” chart style.


Hopefully this improves the performance somewhat. I expect we'll see more improvements overtime as well. I do look forward to switching to the new shell.


Aha !

That's great news! Looking forward to 8.0.7. I hope the 70% increase makes it usable :)

I also hope we'll get updated shortly after the release date (about 2 weeks). And if it takes longer, that as partners, we be kept informed on the progress.


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