Update the JS classes reference in Academy for v8+ / Freedom UI

In the academy there is a link to the JS classes in Creatio which is extremely useful. I am referring to this:…

This has been an invaluable tool for finding out what is available and how to do various things. Especially useful that it allows us to see the source to understand how something works. However, this is becoming out of date. The current docs are apparently for 7.15 so it obviously doesn't include any of the angular components, classes, etc. I would love to see this get updated - or even something separate for Freedom UI classes, components and the new devkit sdk. This would allow for us to not rely so heavily on waiting for academy articles to get updated since we'd be able to see what is available on our own more easily. As it is now, we're in the dark with understanding what properties various controls have and digging though the source is difficult since everything is minified/transpiled. Even if it wasn't a full JSDocs and just a list of controls with available properties for each, that would be great (For the DevKit SDK as well) The point being, if it's quicker to just put out a summary list of available properties, etc, that we can use to figure details out on our own rather than waiting for full Academy articles, that would be great.

Hopefully this is something that is on the list to make available to us at some point. 



Dear Ryan,


Thanks for submitting your idea! 


We have forwarded your comments to the responsible team to update this resource and inform you once the changes are made. 


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Rather soon than later would be awesome !

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