New Clio release version allows clone packages from one Creatio environment to another. 


clio clone-env --source Dev --target QA --working-directory [OPTIONAL PATH TO STORE]


The command creates a manifest from the source and target, calculates the difference between them, downloads the changed package from the source environment to the working directory (optional parameter), and installs it in the source environment.


Hi, it downloads and installs both from and to source environment or one of those two should be a target ?

Do you have a video to show how it works ?

Thanks :)

This is excellent. As Damien mentioned, a video of this and other clio functionality, or even some additional details of the commands, would be fantastic.

Clio has grown to have so much functionality and commands that it's sometimes hard to fully understand what many actually do. A more complete description of what they do specifically, such as this command does X, Y, then Z etc, would be very helpful (not referring to "clone-env" specifically, but just in general). I avoid using some of the commands since I don't fully understand the specifics of what they are actually doing. 

I know this is open source, so I don't want to lump in any additional work, but even just a more complete or detailed description of the commands on github would be helpful. I'd be happy to contribute, even with creating documentation and videos, but that's difficult when many commands aren't completely clear and understanding the specifics require digging through the source and often cliogate as well, which adds a lot of time and sometimes guessing. 

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