Feature Request - Cases can create activities within Project Tasks


We are a company delivering technical professional services and as such using the Project Management module to manage our customer engagements.

We are using the Cases function in order to put structure around these engagements and it is great that we can auto create activities for users when the stages are moved through. 

However, in most circumstances within the Projects area we utilise the Tasks structure and would therefore benefit from being able to create an activity automatically when a cases stage is changed within a specific task.

For example:

1. Task structure contains a task to complete a 'Project sign off' form with the customer

2. The Cases structure contains a Review Completion stage

3. When moving a project to this stage an activity is created within the Task entity 'Project sign off' and not at the project level

This will keep things nice and neat and allow better use of the project tasks and the management of these.




You can use processes to monitor tasks and make changes or add records based on field changes, even if you are using cases.

Janine White,


Are you suggesting that a process could do something along the lines of:

1. Look for project level Activity that meets specific criteria
2. Moves that activity into a preset Task level

Something other than this?

Thanks for your reply

Processes can watch for changes in any field using the Signal Start event, for example:

Then, add, modify or delete records using System actions, for example:

If you want to use the same Activity in different ways, this may work.  However, if it is a process with different steps, it's probably best to use a new activity to track the next action whether the same person will be doing it or not.

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