Do you have plan to add operators in the function of formula?

Now the functions in pivot table formula are only date/time related. Can you add some more operators like "IF(condition, result when true, result when false)", and PartQuarter()?


Hello Andrew,


Thank you for your suggestion. This idea has already been registered and we are planning on implementing it in our future releases.


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Hi Anastasiia, thank you for your prompt response. May I know more detail for what functions or operators will be implemented and when?

Dear Andrew,



Thank you for your question.



Unfortunately, there is no information on exact functions or operators will be added nor ETA we can provide you with.


The possibility of adding this functionality is being reviewed by our R&D team and they planning to enrich the existing functionality in future releases. 



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Hi, do you have any update on this topic or a way to use operators in pivot table formula?

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