Add read data mode into business processes: "Read random record in the selection"

I was trying to choose a random user as a sender of the automatic email in Business process.
I wanted to avoid development in C#. Using only business process elements as in the cloud version. Creatio Sales Enterprise v.7.16.

The workaround I found for random is a formula like

RoundOff(DateTime.Now.Ticks / 17) % 2 == 0 ? "user1" : "user2"

This selects one of the strings "user1" or "user2", and by this string, whether it's Full name, Email, or else, the user can be determined.

But this works only for 2 users and crashes if any string changes.


I think such situations happen when we simply need to pick up a random element of selection.


But then I thought Creatio could add a new read data mode:


This isn't as complicated to implement, is it?


Dear Yuriy,


Thank you for the idea! I will definitely pass it to our R&D team so they could consider implementing the following functionality.


Best regards,

Hi Yuriy,


As a workaround this gap of ootb solution You can store list of users in eg. Parameter 1- Text unlimited , separated by semicolon.


Next You may use Your random function to build formula like this one ...

[#Parameter 1#].Split(';')[RoundOf(....)%1]) .




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