Add Data-Driven Check option for Case Management Transitions

Currently, it's possible to specify that certain conditions are met in order to progress Case Management from a given Status to another Status, such as what the current Status is and, when Approvals are turned on, that an Approval exists for the current Status.


It would be incredibly useful to have an additional type of data-driven transition checks such as 'last update to the record was over a month ago', or 'there is a record related to this one in some child table with a value of X'. These could be added to the Stage under 'Possible next stages' for each possible next stage (see screenshot) and would be checked each time the page is loaded to determine whether a user could progress to this next stage.


I think this would be a valuable addition to the Case Management system as it currently exists, please let me know what you think and vote this idea up if you agree.



Dear Harvey,


This sounds like a great idea, thank you for the suggestion! I will forward it to our developers so they could consider enhancing the following functionality in the upcoming releases.


Best regards,


Thanks Angela!

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