Studio free updates (October 2019)

Here are the new features included in bpm’online studio free:


  • We have implemented the BPMN 2.0 rule that disables adding incoming flows to start events. When an event type changes to a “start” event, all the incoming flows are deleted automatically.

  • The BPMN 2.0 rule that enables using only the default flows with start and intermediate events has also been added.

  • We have implemented automatic breaking of a flow when you paste a new element on it. To paste a new element, just place it somewhere on the flow arrow.

  • We have added a new element — an expanded event sub-process. The application supports the primary rules of the BPMN 2.0 notation, for example:
    • the start event of such a sub-process cannot be blank;
    • you cannot set up another event sub-process inside of an event sub-process;
    • if you place a non-interrupting start event outside the event sub-process area, such start event will interrupt the process.

  • When you need to paste a set of copied elements or groups of elements, you can now preview how they will look in a diagram.

  • We have improved the connection of elements with sequence flows in cases when you, e.g., change the pool dimensions or use the Ctrl+Z key combination. 


  • The processes created in other applications and imported into Creatio free from the *.bpmn files now open faster.
  • The process diagrams with many elements can also open faster.


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