Marketplace updates: rating and review system

As part of our ongoing efforts to enhance the integrity and fairness of the Creatio Marketplace, we are implementing several updates to our review system. Historically, user feedback was submitted privately and influenced app ratings, although it was shared only with developers. Moving forward, to align with new regulations and ensure the authenticity of our reviews, this process will evolve into a more transparent and interactive system.


Starting in May 2024, we will require verification of users who are currently using the app or have used it within the past twelve months before they can submit reviews. This new system is designed to improve review visibility and enable direct interaction opportunities for developers, thereby enhancing transparency and building trust within our marketplace.

Key Changes:
  • Public Accessibility: All reviews will now be publicly accessible on the listing page, encouraging a robust exchange of insights and experiences.
  • Review Guidelines Update: Compliance with our updated guidelines will be necessary for review visibility.
  • Ratings: Only ratings from verified users will contribute to the app's overall rating, providing a more accurate reflection of recent user experiences and feedback.


We believe these changes will provide a fresh start and create a more equitable environment for both users and developers. For more details, please refer to our updated developer guidelines.

Engage Your Users:

We encourage you to actively invite your subscribers to rate and review your app when appropriate. This engagement is vital for increasing your app's visibility and obtaining valuable feedback.


We appreciate your cooperation and are excited about the positive impact these changes will bring. Should you have any questions or need assistance, please contact us at

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