How to show Printables (“PRINT” button with printables) for Portal user

Case description

We want to show Printables (“PRINT” button with printables) for Portal user.

It looks like this:

In a page:

Algorithm of realization.

  1. Give portal user read access permissions to the objects:

1)      Printable (SysModuleReport)

2)      Tables of printable (SysModuleReportTable)

3)      Printable form type (SysModuleReportType)

4)      Section object (SysModuleEntity)


How to give read access permissions?

1)      In object you should set ON access by operations and publish object:


2) On “Objects permissions” tab in configuration add roles “All portal users” and “All employees” for this object and manage access level for them:


        2. In Lookups section find lookup “List of objects available for portal users” and add your objects:

The same operations you should to do for objects from step 1 (SysModuleReport, SysModuleReportTable, SysModuleReportType, SysModuleEntity).

After that clear redis and clear cache in the section and page where should show printables:

Like 0




This was working for us till version

Support states: "For now, printables are not yet compatible with the Creatio portal. Yes, they could be added to the portal but we cannot guarantee that they will work as expected."

So hoping it can be resolved soon.

in the latest version too we are unable to view the print option for the portal user though the object permission has been provided for SysModuleReport, SysModuleReportTable, SysModuleReportType, SysModuleEntity. any update from creatio?


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