Deduplication and global search FAQ

How do I check which version of the global search service I have?

If you use Creatio cloud, you will always have the latest version of the global search service.

If you use Creatio on-site, run the following console command:

docker ps

This will open the list of all containers. The number of global search version will be available in the “image” column.

How do I initiate the re-indexing of my Creatio site?

For global search versions lower than 2.0:

1. Open gs-mysql container via the following command:

docker exec -it gs-mysql bash

2. Run the following command in the opened gs-mysql container:

mysql -p1665017 use gs; UPDATE GlobalSearchIndexingEntity SET LastIndexedOn = NULL, InProcess = 0;

For global search version 2.0 and up:

Execute the following request on

gs-web-api: `/indexation/{siteName}/reindex/full

How do I enable logging the global search service?

By default, the service logs only errors. To enable logging of all events, locate the following string in the docker-compose.yaml file:


Replace the string with the following string:


Note that if you enable logging of all events, the number of log files will increase significantly.

Which metrics and tracking schema can I use to monitor the global search operation?

Execute the following request:


Here, [GS-WEB-API] is the server address, and [SITE_NAME] is your Creatio website name.

How do I set up access to ElasticSearch via a password?

You can restrict access to ElasticSearch using Haproxy, which supports base64 authentification. Use the x-pack plugin to set up access to ElasticSearch via a login and a password.

How do I add a new object to the ElasticSearch indexing, or change the settings for the indexed fields of existing objects?

You can enable and configure indexing of specific sections using Creatio in-app tools. By default, ElasticSearch will index only sections, regardless of their author, as well as lookup columns (with a few exceptions). The attached PDF file contains the list of exceptions.

How do I deploy ElasticSearch on several servers with a single URL? How do I set up clustering?

This information is available in the Elastic service documentation.

Why the “Duplicates search rules” setting is not displayed for me?

Check if the “DeduplicationWebApiUrl” system setting is populated and whether the following features are enabled in “FeatureToggle:”

  • “BulkESDeduplication”
  • “ESDeduplication”
  • “Deduplication”

Learn more about working with additional options in the “Feature Toggle. Mechanism of enabling and disabling functions” article.

Can I use the global search and bulk duplicate search services in two Creatio applications simultaneously?

If you are using two Creatio applications, for example, production and developer environments, set up the global search and bulk duplicate search services for each of them independently. Use the following guides to set up the services:


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