Hi everyone,

I am looking to override the functionality of the Add Record button on the Grid Page (Section Page) of the Mobile Application. Can you help me figure out the name of the method that gets called when the Add button is tapped?

Thanks & regards,


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Hi Ramya,


In order to override the functionality of the Add Record button on the Grid Page of the Mobile Application follow these steps:

1) In Configuration create a Module, for example call it UsrChangeButtonLogic:

Ext.define("InvoiceGridPage.Controller", {
    override: "Terrasoft.controller.BaseGridPage",
    statics: {
        Model: Invoice
    executeAddAction: function () {

2) Create a replacing view module for the MobileApplicationManifestDefaultWorkplace module. Or use a mobile wizard  - it will create the manifest automatically. Add the newly created module UsrChangeButtonLogic to the manifest:

  "Models": {
        "Invoice": {
            "ModelExtensions": [],
            "PagesExtensions": [

3) Compile your Workplace and synchronize the mobile application again.


As a result, "Add record" button click of Invoices Grid Page will be overwritten.  


Artem Smyrnov,

Thank you! That worked. Can you also help me figure out how to show a confirmation dialog on the mobile application? Something similar to the web app implementation of Terrasoft.showConfirmation? Thanks in advance!



Ramya R,

Use Terrasoft.MessageBox.showMessage ('your confirmation dialog message') to display a confirmation dialog.

Many thanks.



Artem Smyrnov,

The Terrasoft.MessageBox.showMessage method only helps in displaying a message to the user. I am looking for a functionality where the user is able to select "Yes" or "No" options below the message. Can you please help me with this?



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Hi Community!

How are you?

I hope you can help me!

I want override "DELETE" button from the Employee Grid,

For that, edit EmployeeSection and overwrite the "deleteRecords" method. However, the permissions applied to the "Delete" action were lost


I want to overwrite the method but respecting the configured permissions

Any idea?

King Regards,


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Dear Ezequiel,

Overwriting the method shouldn't impact the access right set for the object as you overwrite it in JS on the user side and the access rights are configured in the back-end in C#.

Please check the functionality again and if there are still some malfunctions provide us with the detailed description of all the actions taken by you and the result you got. You can either answer here, or send the detailed email to support@bpmonline.com so we could take a look. 



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